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From "howard chen" <>
Subject Re: What do you think about Lighttpd?
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 13:37:29 GMT

Thanks for your reply first.

I understand Apache already support fastcgi, however, phper most
likely will prefer mod_php, so fastcgi in Apache is not as popular as
in other http servers.

Similarly, later Apache 2.x might officially support event based model
rather than multi-process one.

We know that fastcgi & event based model have some very attractive
reasons, such as better usage of cpu time, more robust even under high

I am not asking whether/when Apache support these functions, I want to
learn more abt from the Apache httpd developers, their way of thinking
behind these approaches..why they are not good or not suitable in
Apache, why?

I belive there must be some reasons behind. :)



On 2/27/07, Arnold Daniels <> wrote:
> Hi,
> 1. Apache 2.2 can be used event based request handling, though is is
> still under development.
> 2. Apache supports fast cgi

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