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From 张 臻博 <>
Subject Re: questions related to compile!
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 07:54:31 GMT

>>How can i include the source file that i made in the Apache server  
>>comiplation process, while the module is still built as a DSO by  
>>using apxs
>You would have to declare the structure in a header file, which you  
>#include in both your module source code and in the Apache source  
>file where you reference it. Then, when you configure httpd, you can 
>  tell it where your header file lives by passing an environment  
>variable, like:
>CFLAGS="-I/path/to/your/module/source" ./configure ...
Thanks a lot to your kindly reply. The structure is declared in the header 
file, however, it is initialized in the C source file(.c) in the module 
part during the process of create_server_config. If i just include the 
header file, will it work?

Please let me describe what i want to do in a bit more detail. Actually i 
try to implement a different layer to handle http request&response. In the 
module part, in the header file i will declare and in the c source file i 
will initialize a socket structure that is different from the normal tcp 
socket structure.(ap_listen_rec *ap_listeners). This new socket structure 
will be used in the prefork.c & pollset.c during the polling procedure. 
That is why i have to include the source file in the comiplation procedure. 
What should be the best way to handle this situation? 

After the polling process, if the tcp socket is selected, then the normal 
procedure handling the http request will be 
followed.(ap_run_create_connection,ap_process_connection). If another type 
of socket that is implemented by me is selected then one module in my 
module will be called. The data will be read from this socket and parsed to 
the normal http request. Then I will try to call the 
(ap_rn_pre_connection,ap_run_process_connection) hook again. Before sending 
back the resources, i will try to patch them back to the data structure 
that is suitable for my layer's communication and send it back. I am now 
just in the step implementing the new polling procedure. Would you please 
give me some comments that will be helpful for me to realize the goal(any 
comments will be beneficial both in the polling process and the whole 

>It is of course entirely up to you how you design your module and 
>its  interaction with the core, and we cannot make any assumptions 
>about  your particular requirements.  However, you must realize that 
>  modifying the httpd core ties your module completely to that 
>modified  version of Apache: anyone who wants to use it must patch 
>and  recompile httpd before they can do so, and repeat this step 
>each time  they upgrade Apache.
I just wonder if i successfully realize this feature. Is it possible to 
include the modification to the new release of Apache http server.

Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!


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