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From 张 臻博 <>
Subject Re: questions related to compile!
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 01:12:35 GMT

>>>>How can i include the source file that i made in the Apache  
>>>>server  comiplation process, while the module is still built as a 
>>>>  DSO by  using apxs
>>>You would have to declare the structure in a header file, which  
>>>you  #include in both your module source code and in the Apache  
>>>source  file where you reference it. Then, when you configure  
>>>httpd, you can  tell it where your header file lives by passing an 
>>>  environment  variable, like:
>>>CFLAGS="-I/path/to/your/module/source" ./configure ...
>>Thanks a lot to your kindly reply. The structure is declared in the 
>>  header file, however, it is initialized in the C source file(.c) 
>>in  the module part during the process of create_server_config. If 
>>i  just include the header file, will it work?
>>Please let me describe what i want to do in a bit more detail.  
>>Actually i try to implement a different layer to handle http  
>>request&response. In the module part, in the header file i will  
>>declare and in the c source file i will initialize a socket  
>>structure that is different from the normal tcp socket structure. 
>>(ap_listen_rec *ap_listeners). This new socket structure will be  
>>used in the prefork.c & pollset.c during the polling procedure.  
>>That is why i have to include the source file in the comiplation  
>>procedure. What should be the best way to handle this situation?
>>After the polling process, if the tcp socket is selected, then the  
>>normal procedure handling the http request will be followed. 
>>(ap_run_create_connection,ap_process_connection). If another type  
>>of socket that is implemented by me is selected then one module in  
>>my module will be called. The data will be read from this socket  
>>and parsed to the normal http request. Then I will try to call the  
>>(ap_rn_pre_connection,ap_run_process_connection) hook again. Before 
>>  sending back the resources, i will try to patch them back to the  
>>data structure that is suitable for my layer's communication and  
>>send it back. I am now just in the step implementing the new  
>>polling procedure. Would you please give me some comments that will 
>>  be helpful for me to realize the goal(any comments will be  
>>beneficial both in the polling process and the whole feature)?
>It sounds almost like you might want to write your own MPM, and  
>incorporate your code and data structure into that instead of 
>calling  back to another module.
Actually i am not planning writing my own MPM, because i still need the tcp 
socket to handle the http request coming by normal way. I just modify part 
of code in prefork.c & pollset.c to modify the way in polling process. I 
haven't seen any reason to write a totally new MPM. Or you think that it is 

>>I just wonder if i successfully realize this feature. Is it  
>>possible to include the modification to the new release of Apache  
>>http server.
>We welcome contributions to Apache, and have a page of guidelines 
>for  contributors:
>However, I would like to add some remarks that are my personal  
>opinion, but I think reflect the attitude of the project 
>* We can only consider contributions in the form of source code. We
>   can encourage ideas, but cannot make a decision based on anything
>   but code patches
>* For us to accept a patch, we will consider whether it serves a 
>   need, and whether it will be used by Apache users other than 
>* We will also look at the design and implementation of the patch, 
>   how cleanly it applies to Apache (hint: making APR dependent on
>   httpd would not be a good idea, see below)
>* Apache 2.2.x is a stable/maintenance branch, and we are not 
>   any new features into it. New features and improvements go into 
>   development trunk at:
>* Finally, if the patch is large, or implements a significant new 
>   we need to be certain that it can be maintained. This means that 
>   need to fully understand what it does and how it works, or be 
>   that the contributor is an active member of the development
>   community. Anyone can become part of the development community by
>   participating in the mailinglist, submitting
>   patches to fix bugs, testing releases and generally participating
>   in the discussion. To judge whether someone is an active 
>   we look back at their past submissions and contributions
I will try to dedicate more time to apache developing. Hope the 
implementation can be finished asap.

>Regarding the header problem you describe in your other message, it  
>looks like you included your module header file in an APR source  
>file, and your build failed when compiling part of APR.  This  
>happened because the APR build couldn't find the httpd headers that  
>your header file includes... when you look back at the build output  
>you posted you'll see that there is no reference to include  
>directories under httpd.  The -I./include applies to srclib/apr/ 
>include, because that is where that build happens.  You would  
>probably better include those httpd headers from your C source file  
>than from your header file.
>Also, APR, the Apache Portable Runtime, is a library that is called  
>(extensively) by the Apache source, but it is completely separate  
>from httpd itself, and only bundled with httpd releases for  
>convenience. APR knows nothing about the applications (like httpd)  
>that use it, and this must remain so because of the code design.
Thanks a lot for your comment. It is just the problem that i have. I also 
found i can not use AP_DECLARE_HOOK or AP_IMPLEMENT_RUN_FIRST, this kind of 
hook stuff in module. I have to make couple of new hooks. Now i put the 
declaration AP_DECLARE_HOOK in http_connection.h together with similar 
create_connection, process_connection hook. And put AP_IMPLEMENT_RUN_FIRST 
in the place where i use it.(e.g. prefork.c). At leaset now the compilation 
process passed. I have to check whether it actally works.

Again, thanks a lot for your hint. They are really helpful!


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