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From steve <>
Subject Re: What do you think about Lighttpd?
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 00:24:38 GMT
> I use it too, and have meddled with it enough at a source level to feel
> comfortable running it. It has obvious, documented, problems (don't use
> it with mod_ssl),

I didn't make it clear earlier -- I do use the event mpm.
Successfully. What *is* the problem with mod_ssl anyway??? I have used
the two together, and I haven't seen a problem....

BTW: FastCGI is not necessary as you can use all Apache all the time:

1. Compile once Apache 2.2 with the event MPM. This is your normal web
server on port 80.

2. Compile another Apache 2.2 with the prefork MPM and mod_php. This
is your PHP server. Run it on another port.

3. Use Apache's rewrite and proxy to forward the php requests from #1
server to #2 server. It seems a little heavy, but you can eliminate
FastCGI altogether. If needed, you can also have your "PHP" server on
another machine than your "Web" server. And you can have more PHP
servers and use the proxy balancer to load balance them.

Just seems a bit heavy weight when its going on a single machine. I
don't have real numbers on how much more weight this is than using
FastCGI. Anyone know? Config would be easier though... :)

Some questions:

1. What is the issue with event mpm and mod_ssl to a end-user?
2. How much more "heavy" is the above setup than using FastCGI?
3. If keep-alive were on both servers (#1 to end users, numbering in
the thousands, and #2 only as many as there are processes), does it
work? Another way of saying it is: does mod_proxy keep connections to
the other server if keep-alive is enabled? is there some other setting
that does this?

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