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From steve <>
Subject Re: What do you think about Lighttpd?
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 20:47:44 GMT
On 2/27/07, Arnold Daniels <> wrote:
> Nick already told you, that Apache allows you to choose. So simply use
> the fast-cgi/mpm-event combo, if you like that best. And if you want to
> evangelize the combo, nobody is stopping you.

I use this and it works fine. However:

1. The event MPM is EXPERIMENTAL. No telling when it will be deemed as
production ready.

2. The FastCGI support from Apache is, well, not there. You will have
to go out and get a third party module. Also, that doesn't compile. So
you will need a patch from a fourth party to get it to even compile.

3. The FastCGI apache module has not been updated in YEARS. So don't
expect improvements. I don't know if it even persists connection to
the FastCGI processes. However, Apache may include a FastCGI module in
2.4, and it should get load balancing support of some sort as it works
off the proxy balancer, etc., bringing it closer in line with
Lighttpd. But it could easily be over a year. And it might only be
EXPERIMENTAL. I know there are a bunch of very talented people on the
Apache team, but I'm not sure any of them actually works on it full
time. Sorta curious.

4. If you are planning to do something that holds connections for long
periods of time (PUSH/COMET/etc), I think Apache is out. Lightthd has
some ideas for handling this in server. If you were to write something
yourself, it is far easier to do your own server in perl or php than
to add the functionality to Apache. Search for chat servers for source
(like jabberd from Live Journal for a perl version, I have a php one
but can't remember where it came from at the moment).

All rant aside, it is not that hard to compile the fastcgi module with
the patches and compile apache with the event mpm. You had better have
the stomach for experimental code, and the fastcgi setup and tuning is
pure crap. The fastcgi setup and tuning is pure crap. Yes, I repeated
that. :)

But in the end, it works. And nothing says "I believe" like using it
yourself. Successfully.

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