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From Paul Querna <>
Subject 3.0 - Proposed Requirements
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 07:33:30 GMT
This proposed list of requirements for a 3.0 platform. this list enables
a 'base' level of performance and design decisions to be made. If others
can make designs work with 'lessor' requirements, all the better, but
I'm not worried about it.

Proposed Requirements:
- C99 Compiler.
- High Performance Event System Calls (KQueue, Event Ports, EPoll, I/O
Completion Ports).
- Async Socket and Disk IO available. (POSIX AIO?)
- Good Kernel Threading.

Based on this list, the following operating systems would be supported
- FreeBSD >= 6.x
- Solaris >= 10
- Linux >= 2.6
- Windows >= XP? (Maybe even 2003 or Vista -- I don't know this one well

Operating systems that would likely have problems with these
requirements today:
- AIX?
- NetWare?
- HP-UX?
- Many other older Unixy systems.

The key part to me for all of these is this is Today.  If you view any
3.0 project on a 1-3 year timeline, if we start pushing things like high
performance event system calls, there is time for these other operating
systems to pick them up.

Today, we have all of the major platforms with a good level of async IO,
events and threading support, so it makes sense to me to set these are
the base requirements.


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