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From Nahuel ANGELINETTI <>
Subject Re: Patch for mod_mbox
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 14:48:03 GMT
Le Thu, 1 Feb 2007 14:52:55 +0100,
Maxime Petazzoni <> a écrit :

> Hi,
> Le 1 févr. 07 à 13:36, Nahuel ANGELINETTI a écrit :
> > We are trying to use mod_mbox with large range of mailing lists, and
> > got some problems, firstly is a problem about spam, if you
> > activate the
> > Antispam option it obfuscate the email adresses on message view
> > but not
> > in raw message, so we done a patch to hide the raw message link
> > ( attached file ).
> I remember a previous discussion on this point, but I don't recall  
> the ending. The question is "Do we want a *true* (as in real) raw  
> message, or just an extended display with headers and without MIME  
> decoding ?"
> This is a decision we have to make before starting something because  
> the second solution may involve user interface improvements (such as  
> 'hide/show message headers', this kind of things).

I think the best way is like i done, allowing to hide raw message view
( and disable it )

> > Then another problem is with the encoding, we have lots of
> > =?iso-8859-1? and others on the mbox files and are not converted by
> > mod_mbox.
> At the time I worked on mod_mbox (summer 2005 mostly), the apr-iconv  
> library was not fully functional (or at least not in a easy way with  
> multibyte characters we encounter in UTF-x encoding). I believe the  
> situation has changed now and that we could (finally) integrate  
> charset conversion in mod_mbox.
> The fact that mod_mbox outputs UTF-8 comes from the ASF mailing list  
> systems (for which mod_mbox was initially designed), and we know
> that mod_mbox does not really like other charsets. This is
> definitively a point that must be improved in mod_mbox, along with
> Javascript and user experience.

I think it can be possible to integrate easily the use of a library
like iconv or another. We need this feature rapidly and will try to
make it in those days.

> > And then mod-mbox-util parse only mbox with list-post, and if we
> > have some difusion list ( without list-post ) we cannot parse it,
> > what about
> > it ?
> For the moment, mod-mbox-util relies on the List-Post header to  
> detect the mailing-list name and stuff, but we could make that more  
> "intelligent" I guess.

For this stuff too, i'll work on it, list-post is not the main place
where the mailing list name can be found, like List-Id.

> I don't really have the time this week-end to take a look at these  
> points (I'm leaving to the US on Sunday) but I'll definitively have  
> some time for this, starting next Monday.
> Thanks for your interest in mod_mbox,
> - Maxime
> PS: concerning the attached patch, it is good, but we first have to  
> decide what to do, regarding the question I asked in this email.  
> Other mod_mbox users/developers, what are your thoughts ?

I think like I said, the better way is to enable the possibility to
disable feature ( like antispam ). 
We are firstly users, because we have not only one project, but we can
contribute as we could ;)


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