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From Joachim Zobel <>
Subject Re: 3.0 - Proposed Goals
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 19:44:38 GMT
Am Dienstag, den 13.02.2007, 23:33 -0800 schrieb Paul Querna:
> - Build a cleaner configuration system, enabling runtime
> reconfiguration. Today's system basically requires a complete restart of
> everything to change configurations.  I would like to move to an
> internal DOM like representation of the configuration, but preserve the
> current file format as the 'default'. (Modules could easily write an XML
> config file format, or pull from LDAP).

A configuration command line similiar to a databases command line
interface would be nice to have.

The good thing with an XML configuration would be, that you could
validate it against a schema. Especially certain settings could be
unique. This would put an end to wondering why a conf. change has no
effect for an hour until discovering that the same value is set again
somewhere else in the config.

An XML command line however ... :)


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