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From "Greg Sims" <>
Subject Large Resource Consumption by One User Access to mp3 File
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 16:17:09 GMT
I originally posted this to the User Support forum and received no replies
in over two weeks.  I appreciate your help with this in advance!
The Apache Service is stopping as a result of a single user accessing one or
two mp3 files.  I gathered some log data to detail the problem:  contains a log sequence that accesses one
mp3 file by one user. is the mp3
<>  being accesses which
is almost 7 MB large.  
Normally I will only see one record in the access_log for a transfer like
this one.  This transfer contains 30+ records over 12 minutes from the same
user to the same file.  It may be that this user is one a system with
limited buffer resources and/or a modem connection to the internet. is a server-status that the aftermath of
all this.  Notice the number of workers that were allocated to this one
This consumption of server resource by one user is unfair to everyone else
trying to use http at the same time.  Is it possible to control resource
allocation so that it is fair to all users?
Thanks! Greg
PS. The user is working on transferring a group of .mp3 files at the same
time. This can be seen at  The server
doesn't have much else going on which can be seen here


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