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From Derek Cooper <>
Subject Re: overflow in mod_autoindex suspected - solaris - httpd 2.2.*
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 00:04:10 GMT
 The problem that in an autogenerated directory index, if the
> 'HeaderName' file is 256 bytes or more, and it has mime type text/html,
> Apache returns an empty page. You can look at
> for a
> demonstration. The same test on a RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 succeeds.
> Thanks,
> Zvi.

I have experienced the same problem with Apache 2.2.0 on Solaris 2.8.  Would not
have found a solution if not for this report.  I have found that while I get a
blank index returned in MS IE 6 on Win2k, Netscape 7.1 in Win2k and Firefox 1.5
on Solaris 8, if I telnet into the server and GET a directory, the properly
formatted index is returned.  I can also get a properly formatted index by
connecting with Netscape 4.76 on Solaris or Win2k.  I worked around the problem
using SSI with an shtml file containing only an include for a file containing
the original content of my HeaderName file and another for my ReadmeName file. 
The problem is exhibited with a ReadmeName file over 255 bytes as well.

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