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From 张 臻博 <>
Subject RE: configuration problem
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 20:42:55 GMT

Another related question: 

Is that so by using --with-module= command, every time you can just 
activate one module, is it possible to use this command several times in 
./cofigure to activate several modules??

I have tried this command:
./configure --prefix=home/apache --with-module=filters:myexample 
then i check from config.log and i found both modules are activated.

however if i use :
./configure --prefix=home/apache --with-module=filters:myexample 
Then mod_myexample will not be activated.

Is there somebody who know the reason? Any help is greatly appreciated!


>From: 张 臻博 <>
>Subject: configuration problem
>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 18:54:49 +0000
>I have one module called mod_cookie.c, it is located in 
>httpd-2.2.3/modules/filters. I try to include this module into 
>configuration. the command i use is :
>./configure --prefix=some_root --with-module=filters:cookie
>however, after configuration, i check the config.log file and find 
>that the module is not included. As i remember this works some time 
>before, but today it just fails. I dont know why. Then i move the 
>file to httpd-2.2.3/modules/experimental folder. Use the command:
>./configure --prefix=some_root --with-module=experimental:cookie
>It works. Now another problem comes. If i want to enable two 
>modules. lets say mod_case_filter.c. I use command:
>./configure --prefix=some_root --with-module=experimental:cookie 
>I find just the first module can be enabled in the list. Is there 
>somebody who has the clue for this question? Any help is greatly 
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