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From Giuliano Gavazzi <>
Subject mod_disk_cache and mod_include bugs and suggestions
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2007 23:29:55 GMT
Hello, I am new to this list and hope this will be in an acceptable  
format and of appropriate content.

I have found that mod_disk_cache is definitely not compatible with  
mod_include when the SSI pages contain something like <!--#exec  
cmd="./" --> (or even an include virtual that points to a cgi).  
I have filed a bug report against httpd-2.2.4:

in short, the SSI pages are not served properly when cached, the  
parsed content is preceded by the raw content up to and including the  
SSI directive.
While trying to debug the issue I have also checked out r470455  
version of mod*cache and done the probably insane thing by grafting  
this module inside a 2.2.4 distribution. The result is again in the  
bug report, but simply put, although the page is served correctly,  
it  gets re-cached every time instead of being reloaded from the  
cached copy. I think the correct behaviour would be something between  
the two: a cached and correct copy...
I will try to see what causes the re-caching in r470455, but if  
anyone already knows what this could be I am all ears.

As the subject says, I would also like to propose something.
 From the STATUS post:

     * mod_cache: CacheEnable/CacheDisable should accept regular  
       jerenkrantz says: Too slow.  Get regexs away from speedy  
caches by
                         default.  Introduce a new CacheEnableRegex  
if you want.

I agree with Justin, but I would add an alternative that is almost as  
fast as the present prefix based configuration. What about a suffix  
check, perhaps enhanced by an offset:

CacheEnableSuffix disk .shtml


CacheEnableSuffix disk .cached.????

(the latter would cache anything with .cached. four chars from the end)

I know, not very elegant.

Thank you


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