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From Bart van der Schans <>
Subject Re: mod_cache+mod_rewrite behaviour
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 23:37:18 GMT
Akins, Brian wrote:
> In our home-grown cache module, the "rules" are actually provider based.  We
> have providers that provide matches based on exact match, string match,
> regex, prefix, environment variable, and other assorted things.
> Something like:
> CacheEnable disk regex=\.gif$ ignore_query
> CacheEnable disk prefix=/somethingelse foo=bar
> Cacheenable mem  exact=/strange/stuff.asp
> CacheDisable regex=\.php$
> Default "match provider" could be prefix to allow users to still do:
> CacheEnable disk /cache_me

That would be very useful in our setups (as reverse caching proxy). 
Although it would be nice if the "normal" options would set the default 
and the extra options or rules (maybe comma seperated?) would override 
them. Maybe something like:

CacheIgnoreNoLastMod Off
CacheEnable disk regex=\.gif$ IgnoreQuery=on,IgnoreNoLastMod=on



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