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From Lucas Brasilino <>
Subject Re: setting request timeout in mod_proxy/mod_proxy_balancer
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 13:43:30 GMT

> Based on your configuration from above, the following should work:

No, it doesn't. I've tried yet.
>From docs:
'Connection timeout in seconds. If not set the Apache
will wait until the free connection is available. This
directive is used for limiting the number of connections
to the backend server together with max  parameter.'

My understanding is that this options set the
TCP connection (SYN -> SYN+ACK -> ACK) timeout,
not the HTTP response timeout.

Lucas Brasilino
> ProxyRequests Off
> <Proxy balancer://webcluster>
>         BalancerMember http://server:9080 loadfactor=1 timeout=5
>         BalancerMember http://localhost:9080 loadfactor=1 timeout=5
>         ProxySet lbmethod=byrequests
> </Proxy>
> ProxyPass /loadbalancer balancer://webcluster/
> ProxyPassReverse /loadbalancer balancer://webcluster/
> ProxyHTMLLogVerbose On
> LogLevel Debug
> Should set the timeout to 5 seconds. Take into account that this also means that the
> will be closed if your backend takes more than 5 seconds to generate a response or if
there are
> pauses by the backend during sending the response that last more than 5 seconds.
> Regards
> RĂ¼diger

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