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From Fredrik Widlund <>
Subject Re: mod_cache+mod_rewrite behaviour
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2007 13:28:03 GMT
I wrote a patch friday, had a few minutes over to test it and it seemed 
to work fine. Of course it's a minimal patch, but I'll double check it 
tomorrow anyway, and try to convince you guys to accept it. :)

Kind regards,
Fredrik Widlund

Ruediger Pluem skrev:
> On 01/19/2007 05:49 PM, Scott MacVicar wrote:
>> I already have a patch that we're using in production, attached are
>> patches for the 2.2 and trunk.
>> I was under the impression that there wasn't any interest in a patch
>> like this hence I've not opened an issue to get this integrated into the
>> main package.
>> The option is CacheStoreQueryString.
> The option you introduce does not really solve Fredrik's problem.
> Your patch allows responses to requests with a query string to be cached
> if the response does not contain an Expires header.
> As far as I understood him the responses get cached (they seem to contain
> an Expires header), but he wants to avoid that the query string gets
> incorporated in the cache key. E.g.
> /abc.html?x=a
> /abc.html?x=b
> result in two different cache entities. He wants them to be the same, or more
> generally he wants all adjustments that have been made to the URI / query string
> during the processing to be considered for the generation of the cache key.
> Currently the original URI / query string is used for this.
> BTW: Although it is not exactly the same your problem can be solved without
> the patch by either:
> - Making the content handler (whether in httpd or somewhere else) set an Expires
>   header in the response.
> - If this is not possible let mod_expires set one.
> Regards
> RĂ¼diger

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