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From Ruediger Pluem <>
Subject Re: overflow in mod_autoindex suspected - solaris - httpd 2.2.*
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 22:00:23 GMT

On 01/18/2007 10:08 PM, Zvi Har'El wrote:
> I Tried the two settings, independently:
> 1) changes the line "ForceType text/html"  to "ForceType tex/plain" in 
> my .htaccess.
> 2) put a line "EnableSendFile off" in my .htaccess
> (.htaccess is located at the parent directory of the directory which
> contains the 256 bytes header file).
> In the first case, I got in all the four accesses the correct response
> (omitting the HTTP headers)

> In the second case, I got all the four accesses the correct response
> (omitting the HTTP headers)

> Since I need to use HeaderFile of mime type text/html (I use normally
> the .html extension and add the necessary HTML code), it seems the
> solution to the problem is to use in Solaris system the directive
> "EnableSendFile off" . Note that my document root is *not* network
> mounted. So, I suggest to add SOLARIS to the list of systems where
> sendfile should be disabled for files over 256 bytes! It is surprising
> that this problem is not exhibited in httpd 2.0.59, although this
> directive was introduced already in 2.0.44 according to the manual. In
> any case, thank you for pointing this directive to me.

Nevertheless this looks like a sendfile bug in Solaris 9 to me. Although
I found nothing specific about a sendfile bug that matches this problem
during a quick search (there is quite a number of sendfile bugs shown for
Solaris on SunSolve) it may help if you upgrade your box to the latest
patch cluster.



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