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From Brandon Fosdick <>
Subject Where is ap_run_default_port()?
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2007 00:48:42 GMT
I'm trying to use ap_default_port() in mod_log_dbd to get the port number from a request_rec,
and apparently it's a macro in httpd.h that wraps ap_run_default_port(). But when I compile
the module I get "error: `ap_run_default_port' was not declared in this scope". mod_log_config.c
seems to use it just fine, so I grep'd to see where it is...

16:44 bfoz@poseidon~/httpd-2.2.4>grep -Rn ap_run_default_port *
include/httpd.h:302:#define ap_default_port(r)  ap_run_default_port(r)
16:44 bfoz@poseidon~/httpd-2.2.4>
--- apparently it's nowhere. That would explain why it's not being found. Obviously I'm
missing something, but what?

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