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From Brandon Fosdick <>
Subject Re: mod_log_dbd and timestamps
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2007 02:34:52 GMT
Karl Southern wrote:
> Without wanting to steal anyone's thunder, is it not more relevant to
> have the time from the httpd perspective, as you're logging details
> about interacting with that set of processes? The SQL server could be
> running on a different box and have a different time, which could lead
> to debugging confusion (be it httpd or web-application related) if they
> have a [slightly] different time.

It is certainly arguable that having only one source of time is a Good Thing; at the very
least you're guaranteed to not have discrepancies. However, the module is currently written
such that each vhost could potentially log to a different database server. So, there's the
potential for multiple vhosts on multiple servers logging to multiple database servers, which
makes for a screwy web of time relationships. I'm not sure if using httpd time would be easier
or harder to debug than database time. It probably depends on the exact server layout.

My thinking is that the module would be simpler if I just picked one. Another option is to
use two time columns, one for database time and one for httpd time. That's reasonably simple,
and could be helpful for diagnostics, but at the expense of extra storage and bandwidth. The
most flexible option is to punt and let the admin decide, but it makes the module messy and
the set of format specifiers is already rather overloaded. 

So I take the fourth option and plead for help :)

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