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From Karl Southern <>
Subject Re: mod_log_dbd and timestamps
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2007 01:05:30 GMT
Brandon Fosdick wrote:
> I'm back to tinkering with mod_log_dbd again and I got to thinking about timestamps.
The current logging behavior writes the output of apr_time_now() to the log, which naturally
gives the time on the httpd server. But, the database server also has its own timestamp functionality.
Is there any reason to favor one over the other? Any reason to do both?
Without wanting to steal anyone's thunder, is it not more relevant to
have the time from the httpd perspective, as you're logging details
about interacting with that set of processes? The SQL server could be
running on a different box and have a different time, which could lead
to debugging confusion (be it httpd or web-application related) if they
have a [slightly] different time.

If I'm wildly wrong I'll ashamedly head back to lurking again :)

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