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From Tom Donovan <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] httpd-2.2.4 release candidate for review
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 19:02:02 GMT
re: "start an incident at Microsoft"

I'll try - but since Win2000 is in what MS calls "Extended support phase", only security bugs
accepted.  I'll describe it as creatively as I can...

re: "I don't see this as a showstopper"

True. The Win32DisableAcceptEx directive certainly works.

There could be a large number of production sites running Win2k, so there is apt to be a lot
of buzz 
and forum posts about "you need to add this new directive for 2.2.4".

I'd vote to fix it in 2.2.4 rather than deal with the noise - but personally I'm happy either
since I now know the workaround.

Glad I could contribute to an Apache release.


William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>> The Win32DisableAcceptEx directive also works to correct the problem
>> (without the patch).
> That's your bug - AcceptEx inhibits proper behavior of getpeername(),
> if you would like to start an incident at Microsoft with respect to your
> 2000 machine's IP stack and drivers.
>> Applying win32sock_is_known.patch corrects the problem for win2000.
> Is our bug, fixing on all apr applicable branches today, thanks for all
> of your detailed analysis and dedicated testing!
> I don't see this as a showstopper, as there is a user-configurable
> workaround (Win32DisableAcceptEx) if the client in server-status, and
> the access.log/error.log entries displays as
> Bill

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