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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] [CORRECTIONS] httpd-2.2.4 release candidate for review
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 06:09:17 GMT
Before I go any further, is updated here at 6am UT
and will take an hour to move across to the live site

while the .tar files remain unchanged.  Feedback to several issues inline...

Sander Temme wrote on 01/07/07:
> The RC has been running on as of 1:46PM today.

Rekicked a 48 hour release clock from that mark.  Afternoon the of the
9th I'll call the vote, it would be good to see a two-day update from
yourself, Joe or another infra-team member.

Gustavo Lopes wrote:
> Adding:
>  _copybin src_exe=exe.manifest src_dll=dll.manifest src_so=so.manifest
> quiet="-"  \
>  inst_exe="$(INSTDIR)\bin"                              \
>  inst_dll="$(INSTDIR)\bin"                              \
>  inst_so="$(INSTDIR)\modules"
> to the makefile automates the copy of the manifest files and resolves
> the problem.

FOR THIS VERSION ONLY, I will hack in this method, it's fast, efficient,
and quiet provided we first

if EXIST $(LONG)\httpd.exe.manifest \

before that command.  It's not elegant, but folks already know my opinion
of VC8, with its deprecated POSIX(?!?) and .manifest crapola for clib.  And
it gets folks building with no further changes.

Diff attached.  I will commit and svn cp to tags/2.2.4/, if devs
feel the historical documentation is worthwhile.  Patching trunk/ to truly
embed .manifest files where/when appropriate, instead.  If folks object, state
now before this goes live in 30 hours.  It really doesn't seem worthwhile to
toss 2.2.4 on this account for one platform.

Thank you Gustavo for the straight-line solution to this issue for VC8 users.

Jorge Schrauwen wrote:
> This is a wild guess but !IF EXIST("srclib\zlib")
> in the win-src packaged the zlib and openssl folders exist without the
> files being in there. I guess this broke it.

Yes - I tried an alternate method to package the .zip's - moving the .mak
and .dep files from win to linux.  I hadn't unhooked my symbolic junctions
and yes, there were .mak files hiding in srclib/zlib and srclib/openssl.
Good catch by Issac Goldstand.

My bad, fixed package inc with srclib/zlib/, srclib/openssl removed, and
the attached patch to applied to 'get VC8 users by' for now.


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