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From Nick Kew <>
Subject ANN: mod_proxy_html 3.0-dev
Date Mon, 25 Dec 2006 01:31:21 GMT
I've made a number of significant updates to mod_proxy_html,
and it's working fine for me in a range of tests.
I'd now like to invite testing and feedback from developers
and "bleeding edge" users.

The major new features in mod_proxy_html 3.0 are inspired
by the common requests I've had from users of versions 2.x:

 * Much improved internationalisation/charset support.
   It now works properly with charsets not supported by
   libxml2, such as the "windows-125x" range, and enables
   an administrator to correct for backends that fail to
   supply the information.  It can also generate output
   using any encoding available on the host system.
 * Configurable definition for the set of HTML attributes
   to treat as links and events.  So you can now support
   rewriting proprietary hacks like <td background> by
   declaring them in httpd.conf.
 * Supports various fixups for bogus and deprecated HTML.
 * Supports flexible configuration, through interpolating
   environment variables in ProxyHTMLURLMap rules, and
   supports conditional processing of individual rules.

Other feature requests can still be considered, too!

The next task is to update the documentation further,
notably the tutorial.  The recipes everyone seems to
copy were designed for Apache 2.0 and mod_proxy_html 1.x,
and while they work for later versions, they lead users
into some gotchas in spite of my warnings!

Nick Kew

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