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From Henrik Nordstrom <>
Subject Re: Wrong etag sent with mod_deflate
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2006 16:14:14 GMT
sön 2006-12-10 klockan 17:01 +0100 skrev Ruediger Pluem:

> Are multiple transfer encodings applied to one message allowed?

Yes, but the last (outer) one should in any sane implementation be
chunked as it defines the message format. Use of other encodings is
allowed without chunked but the message is then terminated by closing
the connection and no clear indication if the transfer was complete
unless the transfer encoding used provides. The use of Content-Length is
forbidden in combination with Transfer-Encoding: gzip or any other
encoding modifying the length of the response.

RFC 2616 3.6 Transfer Codings and 14.41 Transfer-Encoding.


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