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From Henrik Nordstrom <>
Subject Re: Wrong etag sent with mod_deflate
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2006 16:04:36 GMT
sön 2006-12-10 klockan 11:06 +0200 skrev Issac Goldstand:

> IMHO, this fixes the symptom, but not the problem; what happens when 
> someone comes up with a model where the compression level can be changed 
> (e.g., gzip --fast .. --best)?  In such a case, the content-encoding 
> still works (since the decompresser will detect this on its own), but 
> the entity will still be different in different cases which turns us 
> back to the same "different ETag" problem. 

If you are worried about this then make it a weak (and modified) etag.
This kind of things is exactly what the weak property is meant to be
used for, where semantic equivalence is guaranteed but not octet

If you can it i's probably better if the gzip parameters can be encoded
into the etag, but it's not always obvious which approach is best unless
conditionals allowed to be weak can also be made to ignore those


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