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From Henrik Nordstrom <>
Subject Re: Wrong etag sent with mod_deflate
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 21:10:45 GMT
lör 2006-12-09 klockan 15:23 +0100 skrev Justin Erenkrantz:

> See the problem here is that you have to teach ap_meets_conditions()
> about this.  An ETag of "1234-gzip" needs to also satisfy a
> conditional request when the ETag when ap_meets_conditions() is run is
> "1234".  In other words, ap_meets_conditions() also needs to strip
> "-gzip" if it is present before it does the ETag comparison.  But, the
> issue is that there is no real way for us to implement this without a
> butt-ugly hack.

Be careful there.. Blindly stripping the decoration alone won't work
out. Consider for example If-None-Match. In specific If-None-Match with
the ETag of the gzip variant should only return 304 if the request would
cause Apache to send the gzip:ed variant of the entity.

If-None-Match: list of etags

returns 304 with the single correct ETag if any of the ETags in the
directive matches the current response to the current request.


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