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From Piotr Wadas <>
Subject how mod_authnz_ldap ldap provider is supposed to work as basic auth provider?
Date Sat, 25 Nov 2006 23:37:23 GMT
Cite from

"The authn_ldap authentication provider can be enabled through the 
AuthBasicProvider directive using the ldap value."

This seems clear.

Now, I looked into apache 2.2.3 source (apt-get source 
apache2-mpm-prefork), into mod_auth_basic.c, lines 75-80, 
and see what I get:

if (!newp->provider->check_password) {
        /* if it doesn't provide the appropriate function, reject it */
        return apr_psprintf(cmd->pool,
                            "The '%s' Authn provider doesn't support "
                            "Basic Authentication", newp->provider_name);

As far as I can see, mod_authnz_ldap does not provide a check_password
routine - but it does (1167-1170)

static const authn_provider authn_ldap_provider =

so, the question is, how using authn_ldap_provider is suppose to work
as basic_auth provider, if it really does work for now? On the other
hand, if I look into mod_authn_file.c, I can find (lines 158-162)

static const authn_provider authn_file_provider =

So, it seems that there's really a need for a "method" named 
"check_password". Can anyone explain this to me? :)


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