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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject [RESULTS]: [RELEASE CANDIDATE]: Apache-Test-1.29-RC3
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 19:01:18 GMT
Randy K.  linux    (2.0.55/prefork)                         +1 binding
           win32    (2.2.3/winnt)

Philip G. FreeBSD  perl 5.8.8 httpd 2.2.3/prefork           +1 binding
                    perl 5.8.8-ithread httpd 2.2.3/worker

Geoff Y.  fc5      perl 5.8.8 2.2.3/prefork                 +1 binding

Steve H.   win32   perl 5.8.8 httpd 1.3.34 mod_perl 1.29    +1 committer

Nickolay A. Cygwin perl 5.8.7, Apache/2.2.2 (prefork MPM)   +1
             Win32 perl 5.8.8, Apache/2.2.3 (winnt MPM)

Isaac G.    Win32 Perl-5.8.8 + Apache 2.2.3            +1 apreq comitter

I don't see darwin represented, but Phillippe C. gave a +1 on -rc2 which
was a trivial difference from -rc3.  At any rate, I've enough votes to 
release.  ETA: tonight!

Thanks all.

Philip M. Gollucci ( 323.219.4708
Consultant /
Senior Software Engineer - TicketMaster -
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