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From Mathieu CARBONNEAUX <>
Subject how to modify Document Root from module...
Date Sun, 26 Nov 2006 22:55:39 GMT

i'm developping a module and i need to modify ap_document_root dynamicaly in my module

i've tryed to modifiy ap_document_root in core_module but it's reset a each request...
i've found to do it in modifying it in translate hook work.

    core_server_config *corecfg = ap_get_module_config(ap_server_conf->module_config, &core_module);
    corecfg->ap_document_root="my new value";

but not completly fine...
if found they are modify in merge config...
il while try to hook merge config to modify also in merge config...

but some module dont see the modification have made, and i must modify also the configuration
tree to reflect the core module config...

if you know other way to do it!?

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