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From Mathieu CARBONNEAUX <>
Subject Re: [] Re: How the PHP works?
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 09:01:23 GMT
php is an interpreter that can be embedable in many web server(and other thing) and can be
usable a command line interpreter...

and is the php team that make the embedading of php in each server...

each embeding is named sapi, and go in sapi (Serveur API) directory of PHP, and you while
see some implementation for differente serveur possible with php interpreter...

the sapi for apache are:

* apache   => apache v1 implementation

* apache2filter => apache v2 implementation as filter (see filter implementation of apache
module in apache dev docs)

* apache2handler => apache v2 implementation as handler (see handler implementation of
apache module in apache dev docs)

* apache_hooks => experimental implémentation like mod_perl, that can be abale to hook
programaticly in php all hookable hook of apache!!

all php apache implementation use hook to handler or filter to apache.

all intepreter use handler or filter hook to embed in apache...

use hook in general to make module for apache....

to know how php integration work you must anderstand how to make module in apache, and for
this go to apache dev anderstand how filter and handler hook work...



From: Andy Armstrong []
Sent: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 18:09:56 +0100
Subject: [] Re: How the PHP works?

Toni - this isn't really the right list for your question - this list  
is concerned with the development of Apache itself.

The majority of the PHP code is not Apache specific and then there's  
an Apache loadable module that interfaces with the PHP engine.

On 13 Nov 2006, at 16:43, Toni PizĂ  wrote:

> Hello world!
> I know that the question isn't simple, but .. how works the php
> integration in Apache? Do you have implemented an php interpreter, or
> simply use an existent interpreter? Which files/functions do this
> work?
> As you can see, I am lost, and I don't know where to search. Excuse me
> if my question is an stupid question :P
> -- 
> "Two of the most famous products of Berkeley are LSD and Unix. I don't
> think that this is a coincidence."

Andy Armstrong,

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