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From Sven Köhler <>
Subject Re: mod_deflate ignores Content-Encoding header
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 14:59:01 GMT
>> imagine a simple CGI-script:
>> #!/usr/bin/perl
>> print "Content-Encoding: identity\n";
>> print "Content-Type: text/plain\n";
>> print "\n";
>> print "test";
>> AFAIK, "identity" indicates, that no transformation is being done on the
>> content.
>> IMHO, mod_deflate should implement the following logic:
>> Content-Encoding-header already present?
>>   yes: do nothing, just forward content
>>   no: add Content-Encoding header and do compression
> It's a valid behaviour.  So's the current one.

Hmm, but at the moment, mod_deflate just adds another
Content-Encoding-header, even if one is already present. That client
gets two of them. Is that intended?

On the other hand, mod_deflate doesn't need to recompress something,
that is already compression (when indicated by Content-Encoding header).

I don't think, that this cases are currently handled properly.
(I can at least confirm the double Content-Encoding header using the
CGI-script above)

> Putting it under the control of the admin is a reasonable
> proposition.  mod_filter does that: you can conditionally
> insert mod_deflate.

I'm trying to understand that mod_filter, but can i also insert a filter
if and only if the Content-Encoding-header is not already present in the

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