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From "Javier Sagrera" <>
Subject Re: Clarification on how check_user_id hook works
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 08:33:06 GMT
Thanks for the reply,

So basically, you have no control what so ever of when the function will be 
called if you
register it with MIDDLE? You need to rely on other functions to return a 

I can't see that using the 2nd and 3rd argument would be a proper solution, 
then you will need to write
you module based in what other module you have loaded in your apache which 
doesnt look quite good idea to me.

And sill, if mod_auth is registered with MIDDLE too (as per source code), 
why is this one not executed after the FIRST
,why it changes order when there is a FIRST in the chain?

I still see the behaivour a little 'strange'


"Eric Covener" <> wrote in message
> On 10/9/06, Javier Sagrera <> wrote:
>> Module 1 ( writes in the error_log file a simple message and returns
>> "DECLINED", this is register with the APR_HOOK_MIDDLE
> This is the same position as mod_auth, so you can't have any
> expectation on when Module 1/mod_auth run with respect to eachother
>> Module 2 ( just returns "DECLINED" to allow other functions in the
>> chain to be call, but is register with APR_HOOK_FIRST
>> The issue i see and i can't really understand is that the check function 
>> in
>> the first module is only called if the second module is registered with
> Look at the 2nd and 3rd arguments to ap_hook_check_user_id() if you
> want "Module 1" to run in some predictable order relative to mod_auth.
> -- 
> Eric Covener

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