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From "Guy Ferraiolo" <>
Subject flood: enhancement - random string substitution in URL
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 00:24:04 GMT

I've developed some additional functionality for flood: random text
substitution in the URL.  It has been in use here for several years.  I
think this is a very useful addition and I'd like to see it become part
of flood.

The feature works in this way: the URL contains a string of the form
'${subst_var}'.  On each generation of a URL, that entire string is
replaced by a line randomly chosen from the so-called substitution file.
This file consists of Unix text delimited by newlines.  The substitution
file is paired with the substitution variable (in this case subst_var)
via a subst_list xml construct in the flood config file.  An arbitrary
number of variable - file pairings can be defined in the config file.
Additionally, this functionality can substitute text in all or part of
the POST payload.  In that case the metasymbol '\r' will be replaced by
newline (\012).

3 things are necessary for the feature to work:
1.	You must use a 'requesttemplate' to hold your URL
2.	You must supply a 'subst_list' xml construct in your flood
config file.
3.	You must supply a 'substitution file' containing the lines that
will be randomly substituted.

I can provide much more documentation about the feature and advice on
its effective use.

A patch is ready, including a revised version of flood.dtd.

How can I submit this?


PS - The original flood.dtd does not serve to validate because it
contains the line:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>.  That problem has been fixed.  There is also no
mention of the 'configversion' attribute which the code expects.  That
has not been fixed.

Guy Ferraiolo
Performance Measurement & Analysis
CNET							tel:
1200 Route 22 East				fax: 1.908.575.7474
Bridgewater, NJ 08807				cel: 1.732.618.0250

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