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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject mod_cache and its ilk
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 22:08:29 GMT
As far as mod_*cache is concerned, we should work out the technical
definition of what those modules are supposed to be doing and just
stick with one direction on trunk.  Once that decision is made,
folks can veto code on the basis of technical concerns (such as, "that
module should be for small items -- big items belong in mod_cache_blah",
or "that change causes performance to decrease by 5%, therefore -1").

If the goal needs to change, a new module can be created with that
goal as its name (and a new set of config directives to avoid abusing
folks who expect their cache to work the same way on the next release).
If the current code does not accomplish the technical goal, then it
will be fixed on the basis of that goal or removed.

If we can't agree on what it is that the modules are supposed to be
designed to accomplish, then we should delete them from trunk.
If other folks don't like that result, they can bloody well distribute
their own cache module.

As far as *I* am concerned, changes to the cache code must be correct
first and then perform second, and both of those should be proven by
actual testing before being committed to trunk.


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