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From Davi Arnaut <>
Subject Re: ROADMAP for mod_cache
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 18:05:14 GMT
Paul Querna wrote:
> I think we have had enough -1s passed over the last couple days related 
> to mod_cache, that it indicates there is not a consensus on what should 
> be done, nor on how it should be done.
> I think we need to stop committing code for a couple days, and try to 
> make a rudimentary plan for the intended changes to mod_cache, and try 
> to gather some kind of consensus on them, rather than continuing down 
> the path of -1s and long ass mailing list threads.
> Thoughts?

This is definitely a good and obvious idea, but those discussions only
start when people begin committing code. I'm all in favor of posting the
ideas/code to the list before committing as long as we all work towards
choosing a common goal.

Graham was right in committing the code because he was the only
committer active in the discussing (expect for a few comments/patches
from Joe Orton). Placing a call for a common goal and not actually
suggesting one is not that helpful.

Let's see if we can attract more attention to the cache problems now.

Graham, could you please summarize the problems we want to solve and the
possible solutions and send then to the list ?


Davi Arnaut

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