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From Joe Orton <>
Subject Re: mod_cache and its ilk
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 10:07:04 GMT
Thanks Roy.  So, the goals for mod_disk_cache as I see it:

A simple general-purpose disk cache which makes no assumptions about 
speed of backend, speed of storage or speed of clients; is 
single-threaded and does not involve any multi-process synchronisation 
beyond open/O_EXCL.  Specifically:

1) cannot write entire response to disk for any content type before 
sending anything to the client; filter acts by writing to cache and 
client synchronously

2) avoids writing a given URL/variant to the cache more than once 
simultaneously using open/O_EXCL

3) for the case where multiple simultaneous requests are made for an 
uncached but cacheable entity, will simply pass-through all requests for 
which the open/O_EXCL fails and does not attempt to read from an 
as-yet-incomplete cache file

A disk cache which makes different assumptions about speed of backend or 
uses more complex caching tricks should be in the tree as a different 
provider in a module with a different name; the exact assumptions made 
need to be well documented.  (Maybe something like 
"mod_local_disk_cache" would be appropriate for the name?)

Needless to say, code making bogus assumptions about the output 
filtering interface has no place in the tree and fails the "correctness" 



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