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From "Brad Nicholes" <>
Subject Re: AuthProviderAlias and mod_authn_file
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 15:49:57 GMT
   So it sounds like there are two questions being asked.  First, what non-ldap usages are
there for authnAlias and second why doesn't the configuration below work?  

   I'll answer the second question first.  Given the configuration block below, I don't know
why it doesn't work.  I just retested the same configuration and everything worked as expected.
 The only issue that I see is setting 'AuthBasicAuthoritative off'.  Since there doesn't appear
to be any other authentication type specified (ie. digest), this directive should either be
set to 'on' or removed and left as default (which is also 'on').  The error message that is
showing up in the error_log is a result of the default authn handler being hit as a last resort
with no auth type set as default.  BTW, given the configuration below, I was also unable to
duplicate the error message even with AuthBasicAuthoritative set to 'on' which implies that
there is probably some other auth configuration somewhere that is conflicting.

  To answer the first question, the non-ldap example given here is a perfectly valid use of
authnAlias.  Basically authnAlias can be used to create extended providers that use the same
base provider but with different parameters.  Another possible example would be authnDBD:

<AuthnProviderAlias dbd dbd1>
    AuthDBDUserPWQuery "select password from authn where username = %s"

<AuthnProviderAlias dbd dbd2>
    AuthDBDUserPWQuery "select password from authn where Aliasusername = %s"

Of course you could craft a better SQL statement that would handle both situations at the
same time, but you get the point.  AuthAlias just appears to be more useful with LDAP because
configuring authnzldap authentication usually requires more than a single directive that defines
authentication criteria (ie. ldap server, bind user and password).  


>>> On 9/5/2006 at 6:54 AM, in message
<>, Rich Bowen
<> wrote:
> This went first to users@, but it appears that the auth-fu isn't  
> strong there right now. ;-)
> I was hoping that someone (Brad?) might be able to assist me with  
> this. I was trying to come up with a non-LDAP example for the  
> documentation, since this seems a really useful feature that should  
> be accessible to folks that don't use LDAP. But so far no joy.
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Rich Bowen <>
>> Date: September 4, 2006 16:34:45 EDT
>> To: 
>> Subject: [users@httpd] AuthProviderAlias and mod_authn_file
>> Reply-To: 
>> I'm trying to come up with a working example of using  
>> AuthProviderAlias with something other than LDAP. I'm sure I'm  
>> overlooking something simple, but I can't get it working, and could  
>> use some advice. Here's what I've got:
>> <AuthnProviderAlias file file1>
>>     AuthUserFile /tmp/auth1
>> </AuthnProviderAlias>
>> <AuthnProviderAlias file file2>
>>     AuthUserFile /tmp/auth2
>> </AuthnProviderAlias>
>>     <Directory /usr/local/apache/vhosts/drbacchus/x>
>>         AuthType Basic
>>         AuthName 'wooga'
>>         AuthBasicAuthoritative off
>>         AuthBasicProvider file1 file2
>>         Require valid-user
>>     </Directory>
>> On trying to authenticate, I get the following in the error log:
>> access to /x failed, reason: require directives present and no  
>> Authoritative handler.
>> Any advice would be greatly appreciated. With any luck, I'll figure  
>> it out as soon as I press send ...
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