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From Henk Fictorie <>
Subject Upgrade 2.0.55 -> 2.0.59 hangs SSL server
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 15:36:40 GMT


We tried to upgrade our Apache server from 2.0.55 to 2.0.59. For HTTP
traffic this was successful. However for HTTPS the server would hang after a
couple of hours (serveral hundred thousands request). Our HTTP and HTTPS
servers are different unix processes.

Nothing is logged in the error logfiles, the server just stops to accept new
When I try to connect to the server with the openssl command, I get the
CONNECTED message, but the SSL handshake does not take place.

Environment: Sun V440 with Solaris 8. Webserver (2.0.55 and 2.0.59) compiled
with gcc 3.3. Both using openssl-0.9.8a. We use the worker MPM.

When looking at the Changelog for Apache the only notable mod_ssl fix is:
Correct issue where mod_ssl does not pick up the ssl-unclean-shutdown
setting when configured.

We have several cron jobs monitoring our server.
- every minute the /server-status is retrieved and logged
- every 5 minutes with the netstat command the number of connections on port
80/443 is logged.
- with prstat we log system usage

Nothing out of the ordinary is logged with these tools.

Changes from a 'stock' apache install:
- use mod_jk.1.2.15 for connecting to tomcat
- use mod_deflate
- use mod_rewrite
- use 3rd party module (Entrust/getAccess) for authenticating/authorisation

Differences between HTTP server and HTTPS server:
- mod_ssl (obvious)
- use 3rd party module (Entrust/getAccess) for authenticating/authorisation

I have attached our HTTPS config file. It has 3 virtual hosts. The second
one take 95% of the load.

Is anyone familiar with this problem? Does anyone sees an error in our
configuration file?


Henk Fictorie httpd.443.conf 
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