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From Shanti Subramanyam <Shanti.Subraman...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: porstfs bug t2000 and 2.2
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 19:00:31 GMT

Yes - there are issues with Apache on Solaris 10 when using SSL (nothing 
to do with the T2000). We currently have two bugs outstanding :

In our testing, this causes about a 10-12% performance degradation, but 
is not specific to Apache 2.2.If you run apache as root, there is no 
degradation at all and should see improved performance with the T2000 
crypto hardware.

As you correctly point out, the event port bug has been fixed so make 
sure that your T2000 box has this patch.

We have just released 'Cool Stack' - optimized versions of apache and 
other common OSS apps for SPARC (x86 coming soon). Please see to download.

PAE, Sun Microsystems

Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> On 8/30/06, Rainer Jung <> wrote:
>> The most recent kernel update patch is 118833-20 (SPARC versions, X86
>> should be analogous).
> Yah, that bug has been fixed.  (Paul reported the bug early on, I think.)
> We have also heard reports that the SSL crypto engine on the T2000's
> is horked.  We've been told that upcoming firmware should resolve that
> issue.
> FWIW, we're going to be deploying httpd on one of the ASF's T2000 soon
> (it's going to eventually take over for our Itanium box).  So, if it's
> unstable, we'll be finding out real soon now.  -- justin

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