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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject apache-modules@c.n -> ASF?
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 22:38:56 GMT

  Covalent (incidentally, my own employer) has been proud to host this
module developers' community for many years.  There are rather frequent
noises around why apache-modules@c.n isn't an @h.a.o list, and why the is still hosted by Covalent.  I have some thoughts
on the second that I'll start in a second dialog, but this note is just
about the apache-modules developers list.

  Covalent would be happy to have @httpd.a.o host this module developer's
dialog.  It's very much a users-style list, dumb questions welcomed, but
focused at developer-users, not end users.  It would be a disservice to
both communities to try to make them one list.  So it won't be abandoned,
it's far to valuable for its users, but if httpd.a.o wants the a new list
modules-dev@httpd.a.o, we would seed that migration with the existing
subscribers and send both pre and post migration announcements to all of
the participants.

  Now the considerations; some here exclaim "too many lists!"  I'd argue
that this unique list serves a distinct purpose and needs to be preserved
to its given purpose.  Some would argue "but it's not *ASF Apache* module
discussion" which is true, this list is for third party and in-house mod
authors to kick around ideas about how to best author a module.  But it
speaks to the framework that we created.  And tangentially, some would
argue "but it's nice to have an independent forum" - if @httpd.a.o gives
this a place in our mailing list space, we would need to leave it with
its existing autonomy.

  I don't see any of these being big issues, and in the time since this
list came into existence, the ASF has made huge strides in mailing list
management and spam control.  We believe that the developer community
would be best served by a modules-dev@httpd.a.o list for open discussion
of module development issues, problem solving and best practices.

  I'll give the discussion 7 days and start a parallel discussion on the
actual list itself, and call a vote at the end of that.  So what say us all?


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