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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: configuration directives redux
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 19:48:00 GMT
Hi --

>    Well, as promised (threatened?), here are a complete set of patches,
> I believe:

   I did have one final (I hope) thought last night about this patch.
Currently the prefork, worker, and event MPMs hack their open_logs hook
function into place ahead of the core ap_open_logs() function:

    /* The prefork open_logs phase must run before the core's, or stderr
     * will be redirected to a file, and the messages won't print to the
     * console.

   My patches, as written, make all the MPMs do this, which is somewhat
ugly.  One option might be another hook phase that runs after
ap_process_config_tree() and friends, but before both the signal_server
function (prior to entering the main loop) and the open_logs phase.

   My inclination, though, is to add an ap_mpm_post_config
optional function, like ap_signal_server, which gets called just before
it does.  MPMs could register a function that does most or all of
what's in their command handlers now (i.e., what's been moved into
their open_logs handlers in the patches).

   One advantage of adding either the new hook phase or an optional
function is that on restarts, messages can appear on the console
and in the log files, formatted properly for each.  This is difficult
to achieve any other way, I think, for somewhat arcane reasons.

   Personally, I think I favour the optional function -- opinions?
If none, I'll add that to the patches and start committing next
week, barring more late night insights or other roadblocks.


P.S.  Thanks, Brad, for the Netware test!

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