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From Enrico Weigelt <>
Subject Re: perchild
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:59:02 GMT
* Guy Hulbert <> wrote:


> I'm looking at perchild with the aim of getting it working.

maybe you're looking for:

The project has been stalled for quite a while :(
But maybe it's time for revival ?

> In STATUS I see:
> Get perchild to work on platforms other than Linux. This will require a
> portable mechanism to pass data and file/socket descriptors between
> vhost child groups.

Perchild *never* worked. The idea isn't bad - we took much of it
into metuxmpm, but there were major design problems. For example:
each childs can accept clients. That's very bad, because it allows
some user to intercept another's requests with some probability.

The whole idea of passing *sockets* (instead of requests) between
processes only works on very few systems, ie. Linux, BSD and 
perhaps some others. So the whole portability issue is useless - 
those MPMs only work some Unix'es, and there evrythere the same.

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