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From "Ryan Pendergast" <>
Subject CacheEnable and forward proxy
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 13:39:23 GMT
sorry if this is a double post - I was not subscribed to dev@httpd when I
sent this the 1st time...

I am doing some work with Apache 2.2.2 (currently testing win32) and am
running into some problems with CacheEnable and proxy requests. My ultimate
goal is to cache only proxy requests (with mod_disk_cache), but right now I
am running into problems with the basic scenario of just http proxied

The 2.2 CacheEnable documentation lists the following example:
# Cache content from
CacheEnable disk

This works as expected (caches proxy requests to  If I then
change it to:
CacheEnable disk http://

My same proxy request to does not get cached on my
server.  The debug level error log does not list the cache save filter as
ever being added (while it does when I use CacheEnable disk
), so I never am able to see why the request to the url was not cached.
Should this not be cached? I see the same example in the CacheEnable 2.2 doc
for proxied ftp requests (CacheEnable disk ftp://).

I know an easy solution to caching only proxy requests would be to put the
catch all 'CacheEnable disk  /' in a virtual host - but I need to be able to
cover the scenario of when a customer wants to only cache proxy requests,
and specifies it in the server context.

Should 'cacheenable disk http://' be caching all forward http proxy
requests? Before filing a bug I wanted to make sure it wasn't working as
designed for 2.2.


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