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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject load balancer "cluster" set
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 14:08:10 GMT
I'm trying to figure out which impl of the the
LB cluster set makes the most sense and would appreciate
the feedback.

Basically, I see 2 different methods:

    1. Members in all cluster sets which have the same or
       lower set numbers are checked

    2. Only members is a specific set number are checked. If
       none are usable, skip to the next cluster set.

In other words, lets assume members a, b and c are in
set 0 and d, e and f are in set 1 and g, h and i are in
set 2. We check a, b and c and they are not usable, so
we now start checking set 1. Should we re-check the
members in set 0 (maybe they are usable now) or
just check members of set 1 (logically, the question
is whether we doing a <= set# or == set#). I have
both methods coded and am flip-flopping on which
makes the most sense. I'm leaning towards #1 (<=set#).


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