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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: load balancer "cluster" set
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 16:21:28 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out which impl of the the
> LB cluster set makes the most sense and would appreciate
> the feedback.
> Basically, I see 2 different methods:
>    1. Members in all cluster sets which have the same or
>       lower set numbers are checked
>    2. Only members is a specific set number are checked. If
>       none are usable, skip to the next cluster set.
> In other words, lets assume members a, b and c are in
> set 0 and d, e and f are in set 1 and g, h and i are in
> set 2. We check a, b and c and they are not usable, so
> we now start checking set 1. Should we re-check the
> members in set 0 (maybe they are usable now) or
> just check members of set 1 (logically, the question
> is whether we doing a <= set# or == set#). I have
> both methods coded and am flip-flopping on which
> makes the most sense. I'm leaning towards #1 (<=set#).
> Comments?

Something I planned to implement:

<Proxy balancer://clusterName#groupRoute1>
    BalancerMember .. 1.1
    BalancerMember .. 1.2
<Proxy balancer://clusterName#groupRoute2>
    BalancerMember .. 2.1
    BalancerMember .. 2.2
<Proxy balancer://clusterName#groupRoute3>
    BalancerMember .. 3.1
    BalancerMember .. 3.2

In case you have session stickyness, where
jvmRoute is equal for all group members and
all members from groupRoute1 fails, the
groupRoute1 will always be favored depending
on the retry timeout. Now if all members from
groupRoute2 fails, the next election will still
first try to check the corresponding sticky
route members (if they are ready for retry).

So, if you always first try the corresponding
members of the session route balancer, you will
always favor them over the others.
Think this is close to your #1.

Next step is to add the shared memory slot for
balancer, so it can be dynamically maintained.


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