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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: configuration directives redux
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 22:44:07 GMT
Hi --

>    Some time ago, I proposed this large patchset (better described,
> I think, by the message referenced by the second link below):
>    Discussing the issues on IRC, I received a few responses, including
> a long one from William A. Rowe, Jr.  His main point, I believe,
> was that the order of configuration directives in the tree should
> never be altered from what it is in the configuration files.  Therefore,
> what the worker and event MPMs do now in their pre_config stages --
> namely, re-ordering ThreadsPerChild ahead of MaxClients -- should not
> be done.  Instead, all such order-dependent configuration directive
> checking should be done in a post-config phase, either open_logs or
> post_config.
>    Thinking about Bill's comments and doing some additional research,
> I've come up with the following patch.  So far, I've just been working
> on prefork; if it seems sensible, then I'll apply the same ideas to
> the winnt, worker, and event MPMs, which all share the same essential
> logic when it comes to these particular configuration directives.

   It's been busy on the list lately, so I'm not at all surprised
that nobody's had a lot of time (or interest, perhaps!) for this
little bundle of fixups.  Unless someone wants to send me an
explicit -1 vote on my prefork-only patch now (see link below), I'll
keep working on matching ones for the worker, event, and winnt MPMs,
then commit them to trunk and wait for responses at that point.


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