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From Ruediger Pluem <>
Subject Re: [Patch]: Do not compress bodies of header only requests in mod_deflate
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 23:00:45 GMT

On 07/18/2006 12:43 AM, Ian Holsman wrote:
> the question i'm asking is why bother.

Ok, now I understand.

> how many HEADs would a typical site get?

Dunno, but I stumbled across as I found out that doing a "save as" on a link with Mozilla
causes a HEAD and a GET.

> I'd imagine about <1%.  and i'm also guessing that most of these  would
> be from robots (who don't care about response time)  so this  patch will

Maybe the robots don't care, but some of these search robots are doing HEAD requests
when validating their search DBs and depending on the usage of mod_deflate and
the number of requests by these robots valuable cycles could be saved.

> have little or no impact on resource utilization on the  machine itself.
> Is this a DoS threat your trying to avoid?
> I think there are easier ways to DoS a httpd server, so it's not this

That is true.

> so my question again
> are you seeing a problem?
> because if there isn't a problem all you are doing is adding another 
> code path and potential entry point for bugs.

Agreed. So I will wait for further comments and feedback regarding the patch
itself and whether other people here see a problem or not.



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