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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: httpd binaries and crypto
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 21:34:30 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> On Jul 17, 2006, at 7:36 AM, Graham Leggett wrote:
>> With the notice up at, is the ASF
>> in a position to start publishing binaries containing crypto?
> No.  We know what needs to be done, but the steps are
>    1) write the export page
>       a) add all the disclaimers and documented export controls
>       b) with a table for product x eccn x license x source link

Right.  Step One.  I drafted this for apr, let's see how it's amended and
then we know httpd's should be quite close to that.  I also want to reference
/dev/export.html (a rename) after it points to the export Q & A page.  There's
no reason to reanswer ever question that Cliff, HTTPD, APR and so forth have
all raised in the past.

>    2) add references to the export page from all download pages

Fairly straightforward, not till we agree on what export.html looks like.

>    3) send a notice to BIS for each product

Which won't happen till we agree on export.html and Roy has recovered
from vacation.  And we have only one PRODUCT and that is httpd which
includes mod_ssl, optionally, which depends on openssl, optionally, and
mod_netware_ssl, which depends on the netware ssl socket stack.  This
should be a single PRODUCT notice.  Note that we previously notified the
mod_ssl, and Brad's group has notified BIS on our behalf of mod_netware_ssl
previously.  But this should become one nice and tidy bundle.

We will have another PRODUCT, mod_ftp, if/when it's graduated, because
it does 'something else' with crypto, exploiting mod_ssl features for this
protocol in explicit or implicit SSL.  The mod_ftp incubating effort will
provide the notice of it while still in incubation based on httpd's.

>    4) add the product to dist


CC'ing Cliff to remind him how happy the Q&A will make us :-)


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