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From Jean-frederic Clere <>
Subject Re: Additing a storage for the shared information of the worker in mod_proxy
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 16:21:54 GMT
Brian Akins wrote:

> Jean-frederic Clere wrote:
>> With such an interface you assume only one process will access to one 
>> slot... That is what the scoreboard allows.
>> Allowing updates from different proccesses on the same slot.
>> Should we have an ap_slot_read_look() and an ap_slot_unlock() for that?
> No. we don't have such for the "built-in" scoreboard.  Anything can 
> read the scoreboard, only current "worker slot" can change it.  that's 
> why in the "sample" API, to get the memory you pass a conn_rec.
> If it's slow, people won't use it.  Semaphores are generally "slow." 
> Enforcing it by convention like we currently do seems reasonable.
The workers shared information is shared by the processes already, all 
the processes may access the same slot or I am complety wrong?



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