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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: Simple API for HTTP GET?
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 01:54:19 GMT
Bryan Field-Elliot wrote:
> We are building a module which, among other things, needs to do a simple 
> HTTP GET (or HTTPS GET) from another website. Operationally this will be 
> very similar to what mod_proxy does, though our module serves a 
> completely different purpose.
> My question is, in the Apache 2.x codebase, is there a simple API call, 
> in any of the utility files, which can make this easier for us?
> e.g. an API call such as: "char* http_get(char* url)", which could be 
> invoked from any module...

I recommend that you use Serf:

*cough* Someone still needs to make a website for Serf, but as a library 
it works quite nicely.

For an example of using serf inside a module, checkout mod_serf, which 
does reverse proxying:

Another option is libcurl:

The curl_easy api is quite easy. If you just want simple GETs, it might 
be the smallest lines of code to implement.


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