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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject product name
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 18:51:36 GMT
On Jul 27, 2006, at 1:36 PM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>>>> That line is for the product name, not the project name.
>>> And - I understood that our product is the Apache HTTP Server,  
>>> not httpd.
>>> At least that's been the consensus in the docs project for the  
>>> last three
>>> years.
>> Well, the docs project consensus is wrong.  Our main product is httpd
>> (one of several products) and our project is Apache HTTP Server  
>> Project.
>> Change it back, please.  It isn't important enough to stop the  
>> release,
>> but I really don't appreciate people tweaking a file that I edited  
>> myself
>> just a couple weeks ago to contain the correct legal information.
> Well, as I read it it was the incorrect legal information based on the
> project's evolution and group concensus.  My appologies if I'm wrong.

Our product is


and the NOTICE files are tied to the source tree (httpd).

> What is wrong with this page (and the rest of the website and project
> files and...):
> Your title "httpd" is definately wrong.  NCSA was httpd.  Others  
> ship httpd.
> This being "Apache httpd" at the very least invalidated the  
> original NOTICE.

That is nonsense.

> httpd is the name of -one- binary in the Apache HTTP Server, which  
> includes
> a host of other binaries (e.g. support/) and the NOTICE file you  
> placed
> there applies to them all, no?

It is the name of the product containing a whole bunch of source code
and many binaries, one of which is sometimes called httpd.  The tarballs
are called httpd.  The legal notices will be called httpd, and the links
to the artifacts will be called httpd.  The only reason there is any
confusion at all regarding the name is because the windows installer
never used the right name.

> I have this nagging suspicion that once again the project has offended
> your sensibilities while your back was turned.  Please be assured  
> it wasn't
> intentional, but that we had this back-and-forth for months before the
> -project- determined it creates the Apache HTTP Server.  A recent  
> comment
> to Mark reaffirms it, I didn't see your response?

I've been reading this dev list continuously for the past six years.
People discuss what to put in the Announcement text on every release,
but the only discussion I've seen about our product name was Paul's
suggestion we change it to "d".  Only recently did people start changing
the text to remove httpd, and that was certainly not by consensus.
Do you have a pointer, or are these just more off-list conversations?


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